Monday, May 24, 2004

Dancing and graduating with a broken arm :(

Things didn't exactly go to plan this week. They were looking fine when the dance costume arrived and it fitted perfectly. Maddy looked adorable in it and was really looking forward to her first dance recital!

All she was worried about was if she forgot her steps...

So she practiced very hard...

And then with less than a week to go I arrived at daycare and Maddy had just fallen really hard on her arm. The doctor said it wasn't broken and to keep it in the sling for just a day or two "so that she doesn't get too accustomed to all of the extra attention."

We had a call back from the doctors two days later (and on Maddy's first day out of the sling) to say that they had taken a 'second level' check of her X-rays and her arm was indeed broken! We asked if it was OK for her to get through her day care graduation before we took her to the hospital since it was just an hour later and she had been so excited. They said that was fine and we told her not to move it...

Then the cast went on. We were so proud of Maddy that she decided to do the recital anyway! One of the other girls in Maddy's dance piece broke her leg too (there were only 6 of them!) so they looked pretty hysterical on stage doing the best they could to Crocodile Rock :)

Mya came to show her support - we couldn't have been more proud of our little trooper!!

Congratulations Madison!