Friday, September 16, 2016

Welcome Juneau and Bryce!

We are so grateful for the many kind messages and wishes after the loss of our precious Denali. We still miss him every day but thanks to everyone's encouragement we stayed committed to our adoption journey:). After some research, we found the Pet Finder site which helped us with our search for a senior dog needing a home and found the lovely Penny and Rambo (original names) who were a bonded pair struggling to find a 'furever' home due to their ages and the fact that they really didn't want to be separated. The foster organization was just amazing. The wonderful girls who had looked after them for the past few months (and nursed them back to health) brought them over to see how they would fit with our family and spent about 4 hours getting to know us. It was a really emotional day for them (they needed to focus more time on working with a foster dog that was formally a bait dog) and really tough for them to hand them over since they clearly loved them very much. We still communicate every couple of days and Fiona the bait dog is making so much progress now that  they can dedicate more time to her:) We have formed a really special bond with the girls and will be forever grateful for their loving and beautiful gift to our family:)

Juneau is a beautiful Lab/Catahoula mix and about 14 as far as we can tell. She loves toys, face rubs, snoozing, baths and has a nosy and independent personality:)

Bryce is a striking Great Dane/Catahoula mix and about 11 we think. He loves bacon, barking, walks, hugs and has a more anxious yet curious and extremely affectionate personality:)

The initial settling in period was a little rough but we have a structured routine in place now that's working well for all of us. There are so many benefits to adopting a more senior dog (or maybe two:)). They sleep during the day when we are working and don't have really high exercise needs and they are very affectionate:). I'm sure there will be inevitable health issues to face which of course we understand comes with the territory. But we feel really good about  helping our babies get the most out of their golden years. We also have a really good pet sitter who walks them every day when we are working and a great vet too who is helping them maximize their mobility and quality of life. We'll never replace our wonderful Denali but I'm sure he'd be happy that we didn't give up altogether and I hope that he is chasing the squirrels in peace up in doggy heaven until we see him again one day:)