Sunday, May 10, 2009

Maddy feeding the dolphins

We really loved SeaWorld on Mother's Day weekend. Haven't been in ages so I didn't know that they let you feed the dolphins now. You get amazingly close and can pet them for about 20 minutes for only $7. (This is the only bargain you will find at SeaWorld however, it was $148 for just me and Maddy to get in!). We loved the dolphins though - too cute!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

It's the summer of Orlando...

We had a great time at Celebration in Orlando over Spring break. It's a really quaint little town with great speciality stores, restaurants and walks. Tons of Brits around for some reason so I got all caught up with the English news! This weekend we went back to Orlando to see UB40 at the House of Blues which is where Michael and I met in September, 1997! Downtown Disney has changed a lot but the bar itself really hasn't. It wasn't too romantic with Madison compaining that our "smudging" (I think she means smooching) was grossing her out...maybe we'll go alone next time! The band were so much fun - everyone was singing and dancing throughout to all of the old faves. Very small and intimate in the club too so we were really close to the band and got a great view. After spending the next day at the Caribe Royale (which has a really beautiful waterfall right into the pool) we went to Universal 's City Walk to see the Blue Man Group. It was an amazing show - impossible to describe though. I totally recommend it to just about anyone! More Orlando this weekend (Mike has a conference) and then off to meet up with Stephen and Kaylie the following weekend in...yep...Orlando again...good times!

Here's Maddy looking cool in her new hat. (Special note to the Brits: this sign means victory in the US...not what you're thinking...)
Maddy in Celebration still loving the hat

Mike and Maddy walking around the lake with the hotel in the background

Me and Maddy at the sushi bar

Mike pedalling for the whole family. Nice shorts Mike

Mike and Maddy in the pool at the Caribe Royale...and ducks for some reason!

Me and Michael at the Hard Rock Cafe

and me and the Madster at the Blue Man Group