Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trail riding at Fort Wilderness

After my terrifying experience riding the world's hungriest horse in the Smokies (link here), I wanted to face my fears and get on a more stable, 'Disney-trained' kind of horse so that I can relax and enjoy it a little bit more next time:). So we headed over to the gorgeous Fort Wilderness for some trail ridin' fun...I was relaxed and happy when we got there :)

And Maddy's such a natural...

But I was so afraid when it was time to get on my "Merlin"...

And the close up...

But it all worked out in the end!
We had a gorgeous ride through the woods and saw plenty of deer and some gorgeous birds too. A beautiful way to spend a Sunday with my lovely daughter :)

Epcot Wine and Dine Festival

This was our first year at Epcot's Wine and Dine festival!

BTW - Mike claims that the UK is the rowdiest of all the countries on the Great World Showcase so if anyone else is harboring that same thought - I just wanted to point out that it is the last country if you start out by going clockwise. Except for Canada :). So anyone would be wrecked by the time they've drunk their way through the rest of the counties. Not defending. Just saying :)

The dolphin training show is really cool!

And we recently discovered Marrakesh - the restaurant in Morocco. Since it's hidden all the way in the back you can always get seated quickly. They have a belly dancer and band while you eat and the food is really good. Pretty sure the belly dancer isn't eating it...;)
Back to the diet :)

Windermere Preparatory School Fall Festival

We had a blast at our first Fall Festival at Maddy's new school! Me and Mike that is. Maddy was totally mortified that we made her go but Mike could barely contain his excitement all week. He loves carnival food. Maddy wasn't impressed...

The school went all out and had carnival attractions galore...

And it was packed!
Maddy took off the second she saw someone she barely knew so we messed around in the photo booth...
Several of the students performed on stage. Check out the lady buying a lighter app on her phone for her grandson's show. And he brought special effects. Aaah the love of a grandma...

 Some of the students were super talented - these ones performed on 'silks'...

And they had hired Cher, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga lookalikes who were really good!!

But our favorite part of the night was watching "Katy Perry." When she invited these little girls on stage they lost their minds. One of them said "I'm your biggest fan!" It was so sweet :) 
A really fun night...for us anyway:)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bend it like Beckham!!

Maddy is working really hard on her soccer - here are pictures from her first two games. She loves it and it doing really well!!

Great job Maddy!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Columbus Day weekend!

We finally got some patio furniture for out back and the temperatures are a lot more reasonable lately, so my Columbus Day weekend started perfectly with a lovely coffee outback watching the birds...

 We met up with the family over at Nanas. Cormac and Milo are getting so big...:)

And I managed to feed Cormac and put him to sleep!!
Declan had a great time!

My American family!

On our day off from work we went shopping.... the fountains are pink for Breast Cancer awareness month...:)
And Lake Apopka is as beautiful as ever...

Happy Columbus Day!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

It's in the blood...

Maddy has started playing soccer! Although she has done a number of activities - this is actually her first team sport experience. We are so proud of her for giving it a shot!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Horror Nights!

Maddy loves Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios! She must get it from her Dad...:)

Love her little video - this could be a commercial!!