Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's The Chachi Special Edition!!

Last edition, one of our loyal readers wrote:
"Another great issue Clare. Being a subscriber since its inception, and an avid Mike Early fan, I would like to see more Mike content in your publication. Perhaps a separate "Chachi Update" (Chachi was one of Mike's many nicknames in high school). You know, just a sort of what's going on with Mike these days: what type of beer he's drinking, the TV shows he's watching, how gray his hair is, his golf handicap, things he gets in trouble for, maybe a wise quote, etc. I bet a number of your more undesirable readers would like to see this as well. Thank you." Tom Tracy, Early Family Fan
Good news Tom - you have spoken and we have listened - welcome to the Chachi edition of the Early Family Blog!
Here's Chach on his birthday (or as he likes to call it his "birthweek") at Yankee Stadium getting covered in mustard and icecream. At home, to save on laundry, he doesn't always wear a shirt when eating...

Here's Chach again and Mickey Rivers...he signed an autograph for practically the whole crowd...except Chachi...even when he made Madison practically climb the fence and pretend like she was his biggest fan....better luck next time Chach...

Chach got Maddy dressed that a Rays shirt...oops...

Chachi gets so excited when they play his favorite song at the game...
It's off to the beach to continue the Chachi "birthweek" Rich - look at that fish you caught! Dinner for you, Jen and Mya tonight :)!!!

Check out Maddy's face at Chach's's Subway on the way home for us again:(
Here's Chachi at the sushi bar on vacation just this week. Look closely..samples of breakfast, lunch and dinner on his clothes. Nice work buddy!

We hoped you enjoyed our special edition...more insight to come next time...!