Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dance Recital 2008

Last Sunday was the big night for the dance recital. Maddy, Mya and I had a great time on stage and the show was awesome! Thank you to everyone for your kind donations to the Joshua House!

A big THANK YOU to our fantastic cinematographer, Mr. Richard Simard Snr.!!!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Proud to be an American and more...!

Wow! What a busy month! We had a big party on my birthday to celebrate my becoming an American on the 13th. We had Gail here, American and British food, a traditional British pub quiz and a special guest performance from 'Oldplay' (Jen on bass, Rich on drums, me on guitar and Mike on vocals). It was hilarious! The ceremony was on that Tuesday and I took my oath with 505 people, representing 77 different nations, at the convention center downtown. Unfortunately my camera ran out of batteries so no pictures: (. It was really very moving and I feel very lucky to finally be an American! Thank you so much for my congratulatory gifts and wishes!
Gail's visit was really nice as always. We got to go fishing, shopping and spent a day at the spa in Hyde Park which was a real treat. As ever I feel refocussed and reenergized after the visit!

Last weekend we went to St. Augustine, the oldest town in the United States. We saw the beach, the lighthouse, Spanish fort, oldest pharmacy and school in the country and Ripley's Believe It or Not! museum (which was my personal favorite - not very 'highbrow' I know). It's a great place to visit for a long weekend - some of the B & Bs look really cool and the little cafes and specialty stores downtown are great.

As the month ends, Madison and I are practising for our dance recital next week. I have raised over $400 for Joshua House so far - thank you to everyone for your generosity and wish us luck!
Clare "proud to be an American" Early!

Oldplay's debut CD coming to a store near you now!