Monday, January 28, 2013

Kennedy Space Center

About a year and a half ago, Maddy and I went to see the last ever shuttle launch (link here!) at Cape Canaveral. We have not actually visited the Kennedy Space Center as a family, however, for over 10 years! We have changed just a bit since then...(link here!). To round off the best weekend ever we decided to go over on Sunday and check it out... 'cause I bloody love space :)

Maddy and Mike got the audio tours to get some extra space knowledge...

This is the actual walkway that Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 crew walked through before the first moon landing. I showed my respect with a moon walk of my own...

More David Brent than Michael Jackson I realize...

Earlys in the Command Module, pressing buttons and stuff...

Mike and Maddy in the Apollo building...

Mum, Dad, Mike and Maddy and the actual Command Module from Apollo 14...

The coolest building ever and the biggest one-story building in the world - the massive Vehicle Assembly Building which covers 8 acres inside!!

The beautiful astronauts memorial...

The rocket garden...

Mike - doing his JFK pose...

Good times :)

Hoop Dee-Doo!

Mike and I started the weekend out right with a Ron White concert. It's the second time we've seen him and he's completely hysterical. I totally recommend it if you like laughing and don't mind a bit of "effing and jeffing" as Mum would say. The following morning we did our first race of the year (running stuff here!) which was also totally awesome :)

On Saturday night we went to the Hoop Dee Doo review. It's a dinner show with a lot of audience participation at Disney's Fort Wilderness resort and campground.

 We got to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks from across the lake...

The show itself was a lot of fun. Mike is a big fan of shows where the audience are dragged into the show and was particularly thrilled that his in-laws were called out a couple of times. :)

If I never hear Mike yell "Hoop Dee-Doo!!" again - I'll be OK with it...really...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Maddy has braces!!

We found a great local orthodontist so that Maddy could have her braces now that she has lost her baby teeth. She handled it like a trooper although it was pretty painful for a few days afterwards. She looks so grown up...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Eyeball's Shower

We are so excited to have two new babies on the way for 2013 :). Liz is having a boy and Eileen is keeping her baby a mystery...which means blue and pink cupcakes at the shower :)...

The happy couple were overwhelmed with amazing gifts...
And managed to squeeze in some parenting 'skills practice' :)
Eileen and Dave - you are going to be awesome parents. We are so excited for you!

Perfect timing at Disney!

We went over to Hollywood Studios one night while Mum and Dad were here and managed to time everything absolutely completely perfectly. We walked straight in and got seats right at the front for the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular...

The show ended and we walked right into the fabulous American Idol Experience finale show. And then no wait for dinner. And then we got seats at the front for Fastasmic too!
Perfect timing - perfect night!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year!

After a hectic Christmas we had a lovely few days playing with our new gifts and eating leftovers. Our turkey soup was the best!

Here's Mike napping with his new Spiderman mug and Ralphie jim jams. He's going to kill me for publishing this one...

On the 28th we celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary :). I can hardly believe we have been married for that long! Since Mike had the day off work (and I didn't) he spent the morning writing me a rap song which he then posted on Facebook...

"To my homegirl on our 15th. Please feel free to envision the oversized gold chain, sunglasses & sideways cap upon delivery.

Yo, yo, yo, I met this girly
Stoked to the max, she took the name Early

No big ice, I didn’t have the dough
Lucky for me, blessed with the flo

Left NY, had to say later
Moved our crib to the land of mickey & gator
Tuned our organs, ‘til I became a daddy
She dropped that blessin’ that we call Maddy

Lovin & laughin is how we roll,
Been like cruisin’ on turnpike wit out a toll

Blessed to be rockin’ wit dis shorty for 15 year
Cuz I got no future wit my rap career.

Word to your mother-in-law. "

I laughed so hard when I read it, coffee actually came out of my nose. But not as hard as Mike was still laughing at his own material when I got home. Nothing amuses Mike more than his own jokes:)

Then we had Mya's birthday. After a lovely meal out we played a board game which we haven't done since forever. It was called Apples to Apples and we totally loved it. I had forgotton how much fun games are. Sue won:)

For New Year's we drove up to where they are building houses at the back of Magic Kingdom to see in 2013. We saw the Disney Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Magic Kingdom fireworks all at the same time!

And the big moment came and Maddy said: "Aren't you guys supposed to make out or something?"

2012 has been amazing and exhausting. We are all so excited to see what 2013 will bring:)