Sunday, June 28, 2015

Walker Staker Con

The Walking Dead convention in Orlando was pretty interesting...

Not sure I 'get it' but Maddy and Mike had a great time!

Maddy's trip to NY and DC!

Maddy had a great time at the family reunion with Mike and stayed on with the Simards for a couple of weeks. She had such a great road trip vacation!

The donkeys:)

The guy who owns the field behind our house has some stinking cute donkeys. We got up early one Sunday to go and meet them properly - they are so friendly!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Wild Africa Trek

Mike and Maddy flew up to NY for a family reunion so the lovely Alex came over for the weekend to keep me company:). We had a fantastic weekend and the main event was the amazing Wild Africa Trek and Animal Kingdom...

We started out on a trek through the jungle to feed the hippos...

 And then took the rope bridges over the crocodiles:)

They let us get a closer look too...

And then we headed out to the savannah for a gorgeous African lunch with the best view ever :)

Girls' weekends with Alex are the best therapy ever :)

Big Cat Rescue!

As a treat for Maddy for graduating the past year at High School we surprised her with a trip to her favorite place - Big Cat Rescue! She found her bricks in the walkway...

The cats were as adorable as ever...

The next day we got to see some more animals at Oakland Preserve and my camera is making it so much easier to get good snaps of them :)

To get a shot of the peacock crowing Maddy had the bright idea of playing a mating call on her cell phone - it worked!!