Sunday, April 10, 2016

It's Junior Prom!

Here are my favorite shots from Maddy's Junior Prom. She looked so beautiful and they all had a fantastic time:)


And with some very proud parents...:)

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Anna Maria Island getaway...

We all needed a break after a busy start to the year and managed to sneak in a little trip to Anna Maria Island for Spring Break:) It was really hazy but warm the first couple of days so we spent hours on the beach reading, watching dolphins and walking. I took about a million bird pictures - it was heavenly:)

Maddy and Mike spent hours looking for an intact sand dollar...

The next day the beach was completely deserted since it was rainy. But it was warm so we did our usual walk anyway and enjoyed the solitude...

I saw a flock of blue-crowned parakeets that are now wild. Apparently they have been around since the 80s after either release or escape...

And just before we left Mike scored the jackpot :)

Now it's back to work until Gail gets here! I can't wait!

Hoppy Easter:)

We woke up early on Easter Sunday to volunteer with Maddy's friend Kaley by delivering boxes of food to families in need. A really rewarding way to start the Holiday :)

Once we were done we headed over to Rita's to see the family:)

And after lunch, the hunt was on!


Milo cleaned up!

Happy Easter everyone!