Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Amazing Maddy!

We had a great night the other Sunday at our girls-only 'spa' at home...
Maddy loves beauty treatments...:)
Yep - that's Cody Brown in the background. We are so addicted to 'Sister Wives'!!!

And she's doing such a great job at her new school! Windermere Preparatory is her 4th school in the last two years and she has had to be very disciplined to ensure that she maintains good grades. She loves her new school and has settled in really well which is a massive relief to us all since the plan is for her to stay there until she graduates High School. To celebrate her first Progress Report we took her for dinner at Planet Hollywood. She was thrilled to see the tail from Splash! which was the movie that inspired us to choose her name (with a bit of help from uncle Rich:))

She had a great night - they messed up my order and gave her a free T-Shirt and cake to say sorry!