Monday, August 27, 2012

Mud Run and Star Wars!!

We started out the weekend with a Saturday morning mud run:)...(more pics on the running blog here!)
Mike and Maddy went to the Star Wars convention downtown on Sunday. They had a great time!
Since I would have rather have set my hair on fire, I went shopping instead. They bought light sabres. I bought a new Coach purse. It made me very, very happy. But maybe not as happy as these guys...

May the force be with us...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Last Day of Summer!

For our last day before school, we couldn't resist a trip back to the beach. After a perfect Sunday lunch at the hotel, I settled back down at my favorite spot and read a book...

...and watched the two loves of my life play in the water...:)

It doesn't get much better than this...:)

Maddy's amazing Summer break!

You know Summer is officially over when Madison has to go back to school :(. That said, she has had the most fantastic break this year! She spent the majority of her Summer at Mickey's Retreat - a Disney camp for cast members' families. She developed a very special bond with her Camp Counselor there - the lovely Miss Sarah. We will miss you :)

Aside from her conference in DC, Maddy also spent a week at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa and did Conservation Camp with Mya!

One of her activities at Animal Kingdom was to learn how to 'clicker-train' rats. Since Chloe and Chef are also rodents, she is now trying to train our chinchillas. Good luck with that....;)

I was blown away when I saw some of the amazing pictures that Maddy took of her adventures. I swear she could be a wildlife photographer one day - her love of animals totally shines through:). Here are a handful of my favorite shots :)...

Great job Maddy - and it'll be Winter break before you know it - I promise :)...

The Yannaco family visit!

Thanks for dropping by Aunt Mary, Uncle Frank, Sarah and Maria - it was so lovely to see you all :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Six more weeks to go!!

We're still struggling to believe that this is really going to be ours. Feeling excited, nervous and incredibly lucky..:)