Sunday, April 22, 2012

Catching up...

We've had another busy couple of weeks :). Scott, Karrie, Dylan, Jayden and Taylor were in town...

Jayden won the Hula Hoop contest!!

We had the first of two design meetings with our new home builder to pick out floors, tile, kitchen cabinets etc. The house that we had built 12 years ago had 'everything included' so there were no choices at all. We're finding the whole experience terrifying and exhilerating all at once :)

This is truly going to be the home of our dreams; we never imagined we'd be lucky enough to own a home like this and feel so overwhelmed and grateful :). It's like our Southfork. Which it turns out was only 4,700 square feet. Still much, much bigger than our place and in Texas of course as opposed to just north of Disney...

Our Northfork:)

Speaking of Dallas we are up to Season 6 of 13 and Peter has made an appearance. Did we ever really take his affair with Sue Ellen seriously? In that T-Shirt? Really?

And speaking of terrifying and exhilerating, we did a mud race on Sunday with Luciana. I think it may have been my favorite race yet - definitely top 5 material...totally awesome!! (running pics here and here!)

Life is good :)

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter!

After a great night out with the fabulous Geraci family watching the Yankees humiliate themselves against the Rays :(, we headed over to Nana's for Easter Sunday!

The Easter egg hunt was fast and furious this year - Maddy had no time for pictures...

I got one of Mya running backwards with her stash...

And the happiest of them all?...

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Katie, the Robot Baby

A huge part of Maddy's Health class grade for the entire semester depended on the crazy robot baby project! For those of you who are not familiar, school children select an electronic baby and take it home to care for for a weekend. When it cries, they have to figure out what's wrong and either: change the diaper, hold it, feed it, burp it etc. The child has a wrist band with a chip in it that they have to wear so that they can't 'delegate' responsibility to someone else. Like their parents for example :).

Maddy discovered pretty quickly that the baby will register as 'feeding' if you just prop the bottle in it's mouth and go back to sleep...awesome..

Unfortunately, we had the wrong diapers and so the baby cried for ages even when Maddy had changed it correctly.

Quotes from the weekend included:

Mike: "I think it's cute", "I hope it likes Dallas"

Clare: "Just put a pillow over it", "leave it in the car"

Maddy: "I don't even care anymore - I hope it cries", "it's not at all like a real baby - it just cries and you don't know what it wants","this is so stupid - I don't even want a baby - I'm only 12"

Anyway, it was just as unpleasant as intended and we were happy to return baby Katie on Monday morning :)