Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Gorilla Challenge!

Today we did our first scavenger hunt race! The Gorilla Challenge website describes it as a "fun outdoor event, where you race around the city to complete 10 out of 12 clues. Some clues require you to take pictures and others require you to complete small challenges (Field Day or Fear Factor'ish type). You can get prizes along the course or at the end of the game AND we always team up with the local food bank to raise food." We paired up with Alex and Kirk to form team "Guerrillaz"...

We had a blast :). More pics on the running blog here!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Maddy's Fundraiser for Big Cat Rescue!

Maddy (and Mike) worked really hard to raise money this morning for Big Cat Rescue while I was at the Tampa Police Memorial 5K :)). They got up at the break of dawn to take part in the neighborhood yard sale and sold homemade brownies too!

Making brownies the night before...

All ready to go and the sun's barely up...:)

They raised over $100:)

Black Widow Spider

Rich spotted a female Black Widow Spider on our welcome mat last week! This one had a really clear red, abdominal 'hourglass' so it was very easy to identify. Apparently these spiders are the most venomous in North America, however the amount of venom is typically very small and over 99% of cases result in survival if treatment is saught. Of course this one was particularly harmless given that it was dead when we found it :)...